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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Frist falsifies medical license application

The New York Times is very careful in this piece not to accuse Bill Frist of falsifying his renewal application for his medical license, but it sure sounds like he did:

WASHINGTON, Aug. 29 (AP) — The Senate majority leader, Bill Frist of Tennessee, did not meet all the requirements needed to keep his medical license active even though he gave paperwork to Tennessee officials indicating that he had, his office acknowledged Tuesday.

Tennessee requires its licensed physicians to complete 40 hours of continuing medical education every two years. Mr. Frist, a heart-lung surgeon, submitted a license renewal with the Tennessee Health Department stating he had fulfilled that requirement.

Frist's staff seemed to be arguing that Frist simply wasn't aware of the change in the Tennessee requirements for continuing education when he completed the application, but the article goes on to say:
A renewal application that Mr. Frist filed with the medical examiners board this February specifically mentioned the continuing education requirement and was signed on his behalf by his accountant.
It appears to me to be a deliberate lie on a State application. I wonder if that's a felony under Tennessee law.


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