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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Senate Judiciary Cmte: friends or foes?

Poor Monica G-- has to take the 5th amendment because the Seante Judiciary Committee is a "hostile and questionable environment."

Apparently, it will not be quite so hostile for her former coworker, D. Kyle Sampson. According to Raw Story, Sen. Orrin Hatch (who received campaign donations from Sampson) said,
I personally feel badly for young Kyle Sampson. He worked on this committee. He's a very honest, decent, honorable person. And he had the unenviable job of handling these matters. . . . And, frankly, I will resent anybody who tries to hurt the man.
Cue the music: "Someone to watch over me-e-e". Sugar daddies come and go; one can never have enough, I guess. (I guess there's whichever sugar daddy is paying Monica's pricey lawyer.)

'Course every political appointee working in DOJ will be a GOP donor-- troubling in a minor, icky-icky sort of way, but hardly surprising. The real point is, the reasons for Goodling's fifth amendment plea are specious on their face.


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