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Friday, March 30, 2007

The sheer stupidity of the right wing

Maybe nothing illustrates the bottomless depths of silliness to which the right-wing has descended than the absurd attempt to “debate” global warning and, especially, to ridicule Al Gore’s warning thereof. Apparently, they care a lot more about despising and scoring points against Gore than they do about their kids’ futures.

First of all, sure the isolated naysayers could be right and all the other scientists and their studies and data wrong. Yes, it has happened before. But then consider the bargain here. If Gore and virtually the entire body of climate scientists are correct, then we damned well better start doing something to keep an earth that is livable. If we don’t and they are right, the consequences could be horrendous -- in fact, will be horrendous if they are really, really right. If they are wrong and the crackpot scientists are right, then what have we lost? We will have begun a process, one that will be gradual in any event, to reduce our reliance on burning oil and coal, something everyone acknowledges we ought to be doing anyway for geopolitical as well as environmental reasons.

Hmm, on this side, death and destruction, first from people around the world who hate us even while we depend on what they have and we don’t, and then from rising seas flooding the coastal cities and ghastly temperatures. On the other side, less dependence on the people with the oil, a cleaner environment, and loads of new high-tech jobs creating and maintaining new ways of getting and using energy.

If 1000 thoroughly qualified meteorologists are saying there’s a 50% chance a Class V hurricane will hit land between X and Y within the next ten years, doesn’t it make sense to build a new home there that will withstand a Class V hurricane -- even if a couple of biologists who dabble in meteorology (“scientists,” that is) say they are all wrong – that the chance is virtually zero that anything worse than a tropical storm will hit, and even if it does it will land between Z and A -- so who needs the extra expense?

All the nutcase right-wingers want (and the entire Republican Party other than a few courtly Republican Senators is heading there) is to oppose Gore, liberals and anything that’s good for the environment – because Gore and liberals will usually favor something good for the environment. If Al Gore and the liberals are against death and destruction of America, then I’m for death and destruction of America. How can we liberals not see the perfect sense in that?


Blogger walldon said...

The stupidity is simply mind-boggling. And, who do they think will vote for them when they take absurd positions like this? It seems to me the Thuglican Party may be digging it's own grave. Or, more likely, just as (the former) AT&T (and many other huge megalopolies) did just before it expired, build it's own mausoleum at Madison Avenue & 56th. to house its soon to be defunct managers.

9:52 AM  

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