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Monday, April 23, 2007

Dowd’s defiance: I’ll show you how stupid I can get!

The Daily Howler devotes a long post to demonstrating the damage Maureen Dowd has done from her New York Times aerie – to Gore in 2000 with her invention of alleged claims that fed into the storyline of his so-called phoniness; to Kerry in 2004 with her invention of an alleged quote that nobody else reported in real time (“Who among us doesn’t love NASCAR?”) and harping on windsurfing as some kind of elite pastime that somehow was supposed to disqualify him from representing a Democratic Party constituency; and to us by helping someone like George W. Bush be elected President.

Now, she takes the expensive-haircut angle to reinforce (in more carefully chosen words) the image of Edwards that Ann Coulter tried to convey: contrasting Edwards with the greater authenticity of her father using the local barber, without considering the fact that her father was not in another state halfway across the country running for President of the United States of America. She also attacks Edwards for his makeup, without, apparently, the historical knowledge of the fateful Kennedy-Nixon debate and the fact that, since then, all politicians – actually, all people, wear make-up for a TV appearance under the klieg lights; and, apparently, without caring that he-man John McCain used the same makeup person in New Hampshire. She has also attacked Edwards snidely for the fact that he has become wealthy – how dare he talk about the poor when he is not poor himself! – without, apparently, the historical knowledge to understand that FDR and Kennedy (Johnson, too, for wealth) would have been disqualified under her criteria. But then, she probably doesn’t really care whether we have Social Security or Medicare or not.

Dowd’s targets are almost always Democrats, and eliteness is her constant theme. Dowd has been under considerable attack lately from the liberal blogosphere, especially The Daily Howler, and this latest attack on Edwards seemed almost like a defiant caricature of the things that she is being attacked for: “So you think I’m stupid with my overwhelming concern for style and complete disdain for substance. Well, I’ll show you stupid!”

She was successful at doing that again.


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