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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Caught in the lie

Anonymous Liberal has a great find for those of us who have worried that Gozales may have a weasel way out of his perjury by claiming there were two different NSA spying programs he was talking about; the first, the one Comey and others refused to sign off on and the second, the one that was adopted after those objections. Gonzales appears to be saying he didn't lie to Congress when he said there were no objections to the program because he was talking about the second program, not the first. However, Anonymous Liberal found the following in Gonzales' testimony to Congress on that same occasion:

GONZALES: Pardon me. The authorization regarding the terrorist surveillance program occurred subsequent to the authorization to use military force and prior to the Patriot Act.

So, he has, in effect admitted that the program he is testifying about is the earlier program. And, there's more. The president himself confirmed the earlier date. Go read the whole thing.


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