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Monday, November 03, 2008

Cindy doesn’t like progressive taxation

There’s something truly weird seeing Cindy McCain laughing during one of his speeches as she mouths John McCain’s mantra, “spread the wealth around.” It’s another one of those revealing moments, like McCain’s air-quotes around the phrase, “the woman’s health,” during the last debate.

Of course, the $100 million baby, Cindy, would want to ridicule the idea that maybe she should pay her fair share of taxes. Time to re-visit progressive taxation – clearly a socialistic idea.

Wonder how many fence-sitters tipped over on that one.


Blogger marketingace said...

Caught redhanded doing what Republicans do. Make false or ridiculous statements which when rightly skewered by critics are condemned as violating their 1st Amendement rights. Suggesting that skewering be suppressed is violating the rights of the critics, i.e. the Orwellian double think.

1:04 PM  

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