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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No Bush Lame Duck Car Czar

At the risk of quoting Reagan, there she goes again:

In an implicit sop to the outgoing bankrupt Bush regime, given a proposal to place a bankrupt adiministration flunkee in charge of a bankrupt (auto) industy, per NYT, House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, said "she hoped that Mr. Bush’s appointee — or car czar, as the position has come to be known — would not need to be replaced by President-elect Barack Obama, raising the prospect that the outgoing and incoming administrations would cooperate in selecting someone."

Where was Pelosi during the Presidential campaign which tenents included the ridding the nation of the bankrupt policies of the Bush administration and thier incompetent cronies? Pelosi even at one point on the eve of becoming House speaker was quoted as saying the Bush administration was unprecedently incompetent. Now she is concerned that Obama might not keep in place as car czar one of the incompetents he pledged to purge from the executive branch. If this is another Pelosi subrosa bi-partinanship gesture, someone reminder her that it does not include perpetuating the problems of the past eight years by appointing the incompetent for the sake of providing GOP participation. The goal should be to minimize GOP participation in order to build a firewall to protect the Obama's administration from holdover Bush bungling bureaucrats.


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