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Friday, May 01, 2009

One Republican vote required for SCOTUS

According to Time Magazine, at least one minority party vote is required before a judicial nominee can be reported out of the judiciary committee.

Both sides of the aisle spent all week lamenting/celebrating Arlen Specter's party switch and the potential for a 60 vote Democratic majority in the Senate. But Specter's swap leaves the Senate Judiciary Committee without its most prominent GOP moderate. In any other committee that wouldn't matter but in the Judiciary Committee one minority vote is needed to report out nominees to the bench, from the committee's rules

If this is true, please explain to me why we have justices Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, Alito, etc. on the bench? Just more proof that the Democrats never used the power the had when they were in the minority (too wimpish to fight). You can bet Obama will never get a Supreme Court nominee through unless he is to the right of Scalia.


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