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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A word of explanation

Some people have wondered why I haven't been actively posting since Obama won the White House.

a) The original reason why I started this endeavor was that there was almost no real news coming from the major media sources (which were exclusively mouthing Bush propaganda) and few other places where a busy person could actually learn what was really going on. Since I wasn't that busy, I felt I could take the time to sort through the news, boil things down into bite sized bits and put them where anyone who wanted could see them. At this point, the media are somewhat better, there are plenty of other bloggers, and there just didn't seem to be the same level of need.

b) I have been very uncomfortable with much of what Obama has been doing, particularly as regards his positions on Bush's power grabs. He seems to want to keep most or all of the powers that Bush claimed (e.g., indefinite detention of anyone the president wants to detain, signing statements noting his refusal to accept certain elements of laws passed by congress, refusal to release White House logs, etc.) I also think he's been too slow and passive in pushing his agenda, letting Congress screw it up before he tries to step in to fix it (see stimulus, health care, don't ask don't tell, Guantanamo...) If I were blogging regularly, I would be screaming bloody murder about these things, but I decided I should at least give him a few months to get things right before mouthing off about it. I'm still waiting for him to get things right. Doesn't seem to be happening, but we'll see.

c) I got busy writing a book (now complete), which is for family consumption only.

d) All of the above.

I have raised my head a bit for the past day or two but it's going to disappear tomorrow probably until Fall as I am off on a string of trips until then. After Labor Day, I may return to the internet tubes, as Ted Stevens might put it. Stay tuned.


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