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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Highest priced legislators bought by Health Care Industry

To quantify buying of the Senate a bit further here's interesting comment just posted on Washington Post wesite. It's a bipartisan effort:

paphorter wrote:

Here are just a sample of payments to Senators, almost all are on the list except Bernie Sanders.

Funding -------Senator------Health Care Related contributions received

17,563,956 McCain,John AZ R
15,747,735 Kerry,John MA D
8,298,887 Specter,Arlen PA D
6,260,466 Baucus,Max MT D
6,053,840 McConnell,Mitch KY R
5,551,547 Harkin,Tom IA D
5,052,273 Lieberman,Joe CT I
5,014,639 Hatch,Orrin UT R
4,662,222 Brown,Sherrod OH D
4,515,337 Dodd,Chris CT D
4,334,201 Grassley,Chuck IA R
4,331,057 Burr,Richard NC R
4,213,855 Kyl,Jon AZ R
4,178,299 Cornyn,John TX R
4,109,512 Kennedy,Edward M MA D
4,037,004 Alexander,Lamar TN R
3,900,134 Ensign,John NV R
3,576,721 Cardin,Ben MD D
3,340,082 Rockefeller,Jay WV D
3,286,198 Conrad,Kent ND D
3,247,794 Coleman,Norm MN OLD R
3,245,066 Schumer,Charles NY D
3,159,183 Chambliss,Saxby GA R
3,050,694 Smith,Gordon OR R
2,880,528 Hutchison,Kay Bailey TX R
2,870,616 Durbin,Dick IL D
2,817,100 Lincoln,Blanche AR D
2,650,628 Voinovich,George OH R
2,634,653 Bunning,Jim KY R
2,565,701 Feinstein,Dianne CA D

Around this Earth, most modern countries are providing all of their people with some form of single payer HEALTHCARE, NON PROFIT TYPE. To do that, they spend an average of 10% of their GDP. The US spends 18% GDP on healthcare, $2.6 trillion,and for that only covers some 82% of it's people. And in all those other countries, no one goes bankrupt from healthcare bills.

But it seems, all of our politicians are bought and paid for, what else could prevent them from exercising common sense?


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