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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maybe Democrats prefer to be seen as the weak, silent type

P.S. on the Bush-Republican economic disaster (see yesterday's post below): Had you heard before specifically about the real decline of the private sector economy during the Bush years? Have you heard any Democrat draw a strong connection between that huge decline of the private sector and Republican policies from any Democrat? Have you heard from any Democrat a powerful philosophical attack on Republican economic policies -- i.e., one that will gain real traction with Americans who are losing jobs or are close to someone without a job but who still lean Republican?

I didn't think so. Maybe there aren't any national Democrats who actually believe that -- i.e., maybe there aren't any national Democrats who really believe anything. The only national figure who seems to do that to any extent is Krugman, and he's a mere pundit (and an economist at that).

Is "change" standing alone, without any readily-comprehensible theory about how and why things must change, the best argument we can make? (Hint: go read some FDR.)


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