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Monday, May 03, 2010

Can we for once try not sending in the clowns?

There's more to concern about excessive immigration than dumping on energetic people trying to make a better life for themselves, or on the ones who were induced to come here and change their lives by lax enforcement of the law so Republican donors could have the cheapest possible sources of labor. The longer liberals fail to recognize that wage levels matter and that not every would-be Democratic Party supporter is a racist – remember, Cesar Chavez was no fan of uncontrolled immigration threatening the well-being of the migrant workers he fought so hard for -- the longer Republicans will be able to get away with exploiting the issue while actually making it worse.

The answer is not silly war games in Texas, Arizona and California and rounding up millions and shipping them back – actually, threatening to do so into perpetuity with winks at the money people who love the cheap labor – but (1) reasonable law enforcement at the border (without the Fortress America waste), (2) strong enforcement against the real culprits, the employers who hire illegal immigrants, and (3) some way to deal responsibly and decently with the millions who were tricked into coming here over the last 20 years and have changed their lives. Once again, it's time for the adults to step up. Neither those who have no concern with depressed wages or the xenophobic yahoos are acting like adults.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The key is orderly immigration. America is a nation of immigrants most of whom contributed substantially to its economic development. No reason to make this an anathma.

6:05 PM  

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