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Friday, June 25, 2010

Gov't by Corporations, of Corporations, for Corporations

Consider what corporations with very deep pockets can do. They are able to keep the injured parties tied up in court for many many years. They pay their lawyers, but they don't pay the people they have hurt. No one got a penny in damages from a cigarette company for 50 years until the Clinton administration. The cigarette companies just kept the litigation going until people died. In Bopal India, Union Carbide has never paid up for the thousands they killed and maimed with the poison gas leak decades ago. It is not just the poor that haven't been able to get justice. The corporation has been able to stall the government of an entire nation with court battles all these years. No matter what Rush Limpdick says, Prince William Sound is not prestine. The oil from the Exxon Valdez is still there. The place is still an ecological disaster. The court cases against Exxon/Mobile are still going on 20 yers later. Our President got $20B out of BP up front to pay people whose livelyhoods are gone forever. They may have been able to get this justice out fo the courts in 20 years or so. Bravo Obama.

Of course if you are a big corporation this is bad because a new precident has been set to undo your standard stall tactic.


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