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Sunday, October 31, 2010

China to nurture 7 new strategic industries in 2011-15

Updated: 2010-10-28 10:47

The industries were new-generation information technology, energy-saving and environment protection, new energy, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and new-energy cars, said the document.

Gee it maps on to our targets for green jobs in solar, wind and plug-in hybrids as providing new U.S. growth.

On clean energy, the China Daily Supplement in today's Post (couldn't find it online) had some very interesting, sobering statistics:

Global production of solar cell power modules from China today: 40% today from zero in 2002(USA today 5% and shrinking as US PV companies move to China)

Number of solar PV manufactures in China today: 528

Number of wind turbine companies in China: 83

While this article is claiming that 73 % of direct jobs thru development of the energy sector stay on U.S. soil, this is probably temporary jobs in the lower end jobs of installation.

Creating a whole new industry that can export to the world with its higher end management, research and engineering and manufacturing will remain in China.

So the USA is to be China's new vassal state like Korea and Viet Nam were at the end of the 1800s sending tribute to our new master in Beijing... its now called interest payments on the debt dollars has lent us. They have all these dollars from all our consumer buying of Chinese goods. And soon those good will be solar modules and wind turbines like the 240 ShenYang Power 2.5 MWatt wind mills being installed right now in West Texas.

Americans will follow the British disease and have jobs that service their economy... there is always a need for low paying salesman jobs at Big Box stores, McDonalds etc. and for finance jobs that just move money around. Sign of the times: Bloomberg Business News on Channel 103 now comes direct from Hong Kong after 6:00 pm. How long will the Chinese just be content to just earn 1% on long term Treasuries and start demanding more in payments, control of our economy?


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