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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Obama budget cuts

I really don't get this Obama guy. The last thing this country needs right now is budget cuts. It needs economic stimulus. But, here's Obama, going half way to meet the Republicans before they even begin to negotiate. That means, of course, that this is where we start negotiating from. God knows where we'll end up, but it isn't going to be pretty. I'm quite sure we're going to lose most of NPR and PBS. We're probably going to lose most of our public schools -- the criminal who now runs Florida has already said he'll close them all in that state. The governor of Wisconsin is going to have the National Guard teaching in them, which is the same as closing them. Here in New Jersey, Jabba the Hut Christie is doing his best to close them all.

Of course, there will be nothing available for the poor and unemployed, while the economy will probably sink even further. Luckily I'm not poor. But, even those of us who are not poor may have to resort to our Second Amendment rights to secure our property if the underclass keeps growing. And, it won't be a pretty scene if I have to resort to gun slinging since I can't hit the broad side of a barn from 15 feet.

I'm proud to say that when I was a young kid in camp, I did win one of those NRA shooting designations with a 22 rifle -- Pre Junior Sub-Marksman, 17th Class -- or something like that. The first (and only) time I tried to fire a twelve gauge, however, I flew backward further and faster than the pellets flew forward.


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