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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obama needs to lead

Should the Dems start looking for another candidate in 2012? Obama is proving that he is no Bill Clinton. From Lessons from the Clinton Era in Today's Post: 'Clinton drew a clear line in the sand on things he wasn't going to compromise on. He fought a real public battle on those things.' " I believe we have a duty to care for our parents so they can live their lives in dignity. That duty includes securing Medicare.He warned that the GOP's budget violates our values." " I believe, Clinton said, the budget debate is about two different visions of the future for America, about whether we go forward under our motto, E Pluribus Unum, out of many one; or whether we become a divided, winner take all society." Instead we learned today from the Post that ' 'Obama strategists say they think independent voters crucial to Obama’s reelection chances next year want him to function as a centrist consensus-builder. Independents abandoned the party last year as concern grew about government deficits and spending.' Obama is cow towing to the know-nothing independents instead of proving that he can lead. Or maybe Obama is part of the Inside Jobbers. Liberal Dem vows to make Obama “act like a Democrat”: Dem Rep. Peter DeFazio, on Cent Uygur’s show last night, gave voice to a rising sense on the left that the President’s willingness to compromise with Republicans has left him unwilling or unable to stand up for what it fundamentally means to be a Democrat. “There are a number of us in the caucus now who are pushing back very hard on our leadership, DeFazio said. “Maybe we can take enough Ds with us to make them stick with making the president act like a Democrat.”


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