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Friday, January 20, 2012

When the Prison Steals More than the Inmates

The GEO Group, along with CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) are the two largest private prison and immigrant detention operators in the country. At an average rate of $200 per night/per inmate, private prison operators profit over $5 billion a year. How do they do it? Like con-artists, they lure town councils and local government officials with promises of easy money and increased revenue. However, what they don't tell them is at what cost! .Littlefield, Texas found out the hard way. The GEO Group promised increased "product" (aka detained immigrants) and alleged prosperity for a town that was struggling with an economic crisis. Instead, what Littlefield got was a mega-complex private facility, an additional $10 million contractual debt, and a fleeing population. CCA and the GEO Group have spent more than $20 million lobbying local, state and federal officials and in campaign contributions to candidates running for these offices. They do so to have more facilities built and to increase their already bloated profits – even if these immigrant detention centers are not needed. Stop the private prison racket.


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