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Friday, July 20, 2007

Bush appoints himself dictator

The Bush administration announced yesterday that it would not allow the Justice Department to prosecute any contempt of Congress citations referred to it, leaving Congress with no powers whatsoever to oversee administration activities unless it relies on it's "inherent contempt" powers, which Democrats are apparently not eager to do.

Bush administration officials unveiled a bold new assertion of executive authority yesterday in the dispute over the firing of nine U.S. attorneys, saying that the Justice Department will never be allowed to pursue contempt charges initiated by Congress against White House officials once the president has invoked executive privilege.

The position presents serious legal and political obstacles for congressional Democrats, who have begun laying the groundwork for contempt proceedings against current and former White House officials in order to pry loose information about the dismissals.

The powers this president has assumed are truly frightening, and the stupid Thuglicans in Congress still don't seem to understand that they are destroying this country by refusing to stand up and condemn these activities.


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