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Monday, July 16, 2007

Force them to really filibuster

Well it's about time:

On the Senate floor a few moments ago, Sen. Harry Reid challenged the Republicans to decide: are they going to continue to protect the president, or are they going to protect the troops?

Reid is making the very generous offer that Cornyn's "side-by-side" legislation, the GOP "version" of Levin/Reid be offered an up or down vote, as long as Levin/Reed also get that simple majority vote. To do this, he just announced on the Senate floor that he's invoking cloture on the Reed-Levin troop redeployment bill and, if the Republicans filibuster it tomorrow, he's going to force the Senate into an all-night session -- with cots brought in and everything -- to make them stand up in public for their beliefs. Unless they agree to a simple-majority vote on Reed-Levin, the Senate stays in ongoing session.

Maybe if the Republicans are forced to filibuster the old fashioned way -- by talking all night and all day -- the NY Times and the rest of the "liberal" mainstream media will get around to using the "f" word against them.


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