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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We are puppets on a string

Want to see in action how the press is cooperating with the government in manipulating you? The organization of 10 Asian countries known as ASEAN, including the predominantly Islamic countries Indonesia and Malayasia, officially called on the U.S. to start leaving Iraq in order to “contribute towards bringing normalcy.”

Like the polls you hardly heard of from the American media indicating that the great majority of Iraqis want our troops out at least within a year, and believe the security situation would improve if the occupation ended, don’t you think this is news? Even if they are all completely wrong, and only our presence keeps it all from blowing up, it’s still important news for American citizens and decision-makers, don’t you think? At minimum, shouldn’t the administration at least be pushed to say, “No, they are wrong and here’s why”? Granted, ASEAN couched it into language that wouldn’t drive Bush and Cheney up a wall – subject to military advice, etc. – but the mere suggestion in an official manner by friendly nations that it would actually improve things for us not to be there is a dramatic statement that directly contradicts what the administration is saying to scare us all into following along meekly.

Well, it’s not news according to either AP or Reuters, at least as reported by the New York Times in its lists of and links to the wire service offerings. Not to the Times, either. It barely shows up in Google, and you have to drill way down in the “International News” section to find it. It got reported in a couple of Asian newspapers, was picked up by the International Herald Tribune, was noted by Juan Cole briefly on his website, and then disappeared into the ether. And that’s that, I suppose.


Blogger walldon said...

Great find! By the way, how did you find it?

9:03 AM  
Blogger KISSWeb said...

Juan Cole was the first I can recall, but I think maybe someting else directed me there. The I started Googling, looking at NYT AP and Reuters wires, etc.

11:44 AM  

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