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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Idiot power

Some years ago (quite a few, actually) in my former life as an academic, we had a new dean appointed by the University. The faculty at that time was very factional, with turf battles going on almost everywhere. In came the new dean. We all assumed that he would side with one faction or another in order to have a base of power. But, this guy was an idiot. He managed to alienate EVERY faction, which left him with no power whatsoever. The faculty rose up unanimously in protest, and the guy was ousted within two years of his initial appointment.

Now, it seems, the President wants to follow in this guy's footsteps:

A former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney is briefing lawmakers on Pentagon plans for secret military intervention in Turkey, Robert Novak reported Monday.

The Bush administration is considering covert military activity by U.S. Special Forces to help Turkish troops quash Kurdish guerilla fighters, who are believed to be using northern Iraq as safe-haven, according to the syndicated columnist.

Christ, the Kurds are the only allies we have in Iraq (oops, forgot the 5,000 Brits).
And, now we're going to be fighting them too?


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