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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Juan Cole makes a great point today. President Bush is happy as a clam to send in two aircraft carriers and a bunch of war ships to the Gulf or Arabia just to tweak the Iranians and puff up his own ego, but has he even lifted a finger to do anything to stop the Somali pirates from essentially closing down the Suez Canal and tripling the cost of shipping oil to us? No.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somali Pirates. Dam them suckers have been there for one hell of a long time. Seems to me I remember no Dem President has ever done a dam thing about them. But you can bet your sweet ass some if not most of the pirates fundings goes else where, O I remember we are fighting wars where that funding is going. But fighting those wars is wrong (just ask the Dems)and we should not be there, instead we should go down to where the pireats are and fight them. Makes since, it's a simple task any Dem President should have been able to take care of a long time ago. Just a few pirates, fast clean and accomplishes nothing in the long war other that to make a Simple minded Dem that they have done something.

5:06 PM  

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