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Monday, November 03, 2008

The Republican Tradition of lies and misdeeds

From the DC underground:

Now that we living through the latest round of Republican lies, its time to reflect on the the Republican Hall of infamy starting with

1. Joe McCarthy and his anti-red tactics that Eisenhower condemned and U.S. Senate censured him on in the 1950s.

2. Nixon and the Watergate gang of the U.S. Attorney General Mitchell, Liddy, Halderman and Elickman who would not stop at anything and were removed from the Presidency or went to Jail.

3. Reagan and his Iran Contra gang of Ollie North, Cap Weinberger who raised a private army in defiance of a U.S. laws. All in in spite of Reagan's public pledge not to deal with the Iran. Again convicted felons.

North was indicted on sixteen felony counts and on May 4, 1989, he was initially convicted of three: accepting an illegal gratuity, aiding and abetting in the obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and destruction of documents. He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerhard A. Gesell on July 5, 1989, to a three-year suspended prison term, two years probation, $150,000 in fines, and 1,200 hours community service.

Caspar Weinberger and Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan from January 21, 1981, until November 23, 1987, making him the third longest-serving defense secretary to date. He participated in the transfer of United States TOW anti-tank missiles to Iran during the Iran-Contra Affair in defiance of laws passed by Congress and approved by Reagan. A federal grand jury indicted Weinberger for several felony counts of lying to the Iran-Contra independent counsel during its investigation. Walsh's decision to announce the impending indictment four days prior to the 1992 election is believed by some to have cost George H.W. Bush that election. Ironically, Weinberger received a Presidential pardon from the outgoing president on December 24, 1992.

4. Bush and Rove and the Swift Boat veterans who believe that lying and mistruths are the way that politics should be done. Rove is yet to be indicted.

5. McCain and Palin who continue the infamous Republican tradition of lies and deception. Principle examples include:

a. Obama will raise taxes v. tax cut for 95% of working Americans
b. US. corporate taxes are the world's highest when they are below the world average.
c. Obama is a terrorist-at rallys led by Palin-not a shred of credibility in it.
d. Obama is a socialist because he wants to cut middle class taxes.
e. Smearing academics who support Obama-see this blog "McCain's Disgrace."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democraps, maintainers of the supposed real Truth and they never lie.

WHat is the diffrence between a Gay Rep and A Gay Dem.

One knows what he is doing is wrong and preverted, but knows he likes it.

The other one tries to convence you it's all about love commitment and famley.

Love is Normal, poking your dick up your lover mans ass is preverted, granted it may feel good to you, you may like it but P R E V E R T E D it is.

And yes I am what some may call srtight (Kinkey as all hell, even preverted in some ways). But I know I am preverted in someways and do not try and convense anyone that I or what I do is not.

Wonder which one is telling the truth, or just a twisted spin of there own.

5:35 PM  

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