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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Car Czar epilogue

There is some hope "officials" as quoted in the NYT realize no Bush executive branch qualify for Car Czar, given the expetise desired as expressed in the article:

Officials declined to speculate who might fill the role of car czar, but the Democrats’ legislation called for “one or more officers from the executive branch with appropriate expertise in such areas as economic stabilization, financial aid to commerce and industry, financial restructuring, energy efficiency and environmental protection.”

Try to find anyone in the Bush administration with credible credentials in even one of these five required areas of expertise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see RIO, Hudson, Studabauker, seems as tho lots of car companys have went under and the god dam world did not end. Let them sink like a plaug ship they are. It is natural for companys to go under when they can't meet the Union payroll and can't sell cars and trucks cause they cost too much.

The comsumer is this contrys Car Czar. A Company can make crap, they can try and sell crap but no one can make you purchase crap. Just ask the old USSR, and China.

4:44 PM  

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