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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can you hear me now?

Apparently Obama is blaming the Democratic base for his own failures. I say, look to yourself, Mr. President, if you want to find fault. Is Guantanamo closed, as promised after more than one year? Is DADT gone? Have we stopped torturing? Have we stopped trying people in kangaroo courts? Have we stopped spying on American citizens without warrants? Have we stopped deliberately killing civilians in Afghanistan? Are we really out of Iraq? Have we done away with the Bush tax cuts? Have we got a decent health care bill (note that even children without pre-existing conditions now are uninsurable since the insurance companies are refusing to insure any children at all rather than accept the risk of pre-existing conditions. Meanwhile premiums are skyrocketing)? Are we targeting Americans for assassination on the President's say so alone? Has the president stopped invoking the "state secrets" ploy to prevent government embarrassment in law suits? Are the banks being regulated? Are the oil companies being regulated? Has the employment situation improved?

I think the guy must have a bad Verizon connection.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Dems push now, they won't get re-elected so let's wait til after the midterms. But, after the midterms, enough Dems will not be elected so they can't push anyway. Asymetrical reasoning is putting the Dems into a self styled Catch 22.

6:40 PM  

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