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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is there something wrong with the brand?

Earlier today, I read a blog post somewhere complaining about the fact that many of the Sunday shows once again locked out the Democrats, preferring instead such Republican superstars as Jabba the Hut Christie, Forever the President John McCain, and the aspiring Forever President, Huckabee. The blogger complained about the so-called "liberal" media.

A commenter noted that the Sunday shows are ratings driven and, hence, for the same reason that Jerry Springer books nuts on his show rather than sane, sedate individuals is the reason the Sunday shows book Republicans. They just have more entertainment value.

It occurred to me that the commenter has a good point. People like Palin and Bachman get lots of press because they are so crazy. Other Republicans see this and conclude they too can get lots of press if they act equally crazy. The press obliges -- partly, yes, because the "liberal" media is actually owned and controlled by conservatives, but partly because it's just good business from a ratings point of view.

All of this raises at least two questions. First, why don't Democrats learn to be a bit more interesting, even if they have to sound a bit nutty to do so? I note that there was one Democrat who was interesting - Alan Grayson. But he lost in the last election, possibly because he sounded too crazy to his constituents. Which raises the second question. Why is it that the public seems happy to elect crazy Republicans (the crazier, the better) but won't elect crazy Democrats (or sane ones either)?

Is there something wrong with the brand?


Blogger KISSWeb said...

How often was Grayson allowed on the talk shows? Not much, if I recall correctly, but maybe White House wanting "message control" -- how did that work out in November? -- sabotaged him. I don't know much about that district except that it's heavily Republican. But he won there before. I wonder whether if he had had a better chance to present himself via Sunday TV directly to his constituents, would he have appeared so crazy to them. He was possibly the No. 1 target of the right wing in the country. I would suspect they were reacting more to what extremely heavily-funded GOP spin about him was than to his actual positions.

2:41 AM  

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