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Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome to the 21st century

Welcome to the 21st century, Republican-style.

Colorado Springs cuts into services considered basic by many

They are literally turning out the lights and removing the trash cans from parks in this city that has long been dominated by right-wing ideologues. The most delicious quote has to be this:

Broadmoor luxury resort chief executive Steve Bartolin wrote an open letter asking why the city spends $89,000 per employee, when his enterprise has a similar number of workers and spends only $24,000 on each.

Businessman Fowler, saying he is now speaking for the task force Bartolin supports, said the city should study the Broadmoor's use of seasonal employees and realistic manager pay.

Hey, $24,000 per year should attract plenty of high-quality police officers, firefighters, tourism marketing experts and city-planners. Wait a second: who needs city planners -- or for that matter, police officers, firefighters or city planners?

Those futuristic urban hell-hole movies are starting to look pretty realistic.

UPDATE: I made the cardinal mistake of not paying attention to the date of the article (which was linked from another one). That story is from early 2010. Recently, the anti-tax crowd up for re-election has been thrown out of office, at least on the city council. The mayoral race will be decided in May in a run-off. Let's hope this is part of the tide turning.


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