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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bust these MYTHS NOW!!

Myths Based Policies of Royalist 1% and their owned Media vs. OWS’s Facts Based Policies. History shows that belief in these myths leads inevitably to less taxes and more wealth for the 1%. That is their sole end, not economic growth and expansion of employment.

Royalist Myth 1: Austerity leads to economic growth and job creation.

Fact: The German's deployment of aggressive monetary and fiscal policy to get out of the 2008- recession completely debunks this myth which perpetuation adds to after tax income of the 1%, but drives down economic growth and drives up unemployment. Germany waited until they were completely recovered to deploy any budget austerity. Thus, the myths spun by the 1% bankrolled Republican media about austerity being the medicine of recovery is false for this recovery and have been false in every other recovery. An excellent case in point is the austerity Republicans imposed on FDR in 1938 which killed a four year recovery (GDP grew an average of 10% from 1934-38 and drove unemployment rate down to 12% from 25%) and plunged the economy back into a depression driving. unemployment rate back up to 25%.

Stay tuned for 10 more Royalist 1% Myths impersonating as fact.


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