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Monday, November 28, 2011

Another New Newt?

From a Newsmax reader:
Are the Republicans really dumb enough to nominate possible the most corrupt career politician in their history. This guy has so many skeletons in his closet, he could be a Halloween exhibit at Disneyland. Newt is the most hated politician in the country. He embodies the definition of smarmy, and all the debate skills in the world will not translate well into the day to day minutiae that is running a country without sending it into a deepening chaos. This is a guy who called for the death penalty for anyone caught bringing in 2 oz of marijuana into the country, left his first wife who had put him through school including a PhD and refused to give her child support, making her rely on her church for food money; left the second wife after telling a staffer that she 'wasn't pretty enough to be First Lady', was charged with 80 ethics violations by colleagues in Congress and fined $300K for it (many who abstained from voting did so because they thought the fine wasn't large enough)... I could go on and on. There ARE actual sane, intelligent and reasonable men running for the presidency. Why does the MSM pretend Ron Paul does not exist? Gary Johnson, Buddy Roemer? They cannot be as marginal as this career sociopath, and yet this is what we hear about? Newt's debate skills as presidential timber??? How many pundits do we need to point out the difference between bullshit and honest, detailed answers which show a command of the issues, before we realize Newt is a just another lizard? If Newt Gingrich is elected president, what is left of this country will not survive the fallout, and I mean that phrase literally. He'd be an unmitigated disaster. Can you actually see this guy uniting the country?


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