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Monday, December 12, 2011

Candid Blogs on Newt

BTW most of the 1960s weirdo-hippy-freaks did NOT become conservatives. Second, the Tea-Party is not Conservative it is Radical best. That older White men are impressed with Gingrich is a testament to their lack of insight. These older folks should remember what "scape-goating" is all about (think Gypsies, Communists and Jews in the 1930s....Germany....Hitler and his followers....DUH). Tag some group as the cause of the problems the public faces and keep harping on that and pretty soon the people have had their collective attention diverted from the real problem. In this case, it is NOT "illegal aliens" that have caused the problems in America. It is the Reactionaries belief that government (regulations that control banking and mortgages and corporate behavior and social security and medicare) is bad. All of the things I have mentioned, parenthetically, would stop the Reactionary rape of the Middle Class and return some semblance of equity to our social and financial structure. Gingrich is the shining example of a personality disordered, egocentric shill. He does not believe in anything other than his own agrandizement and financial well being. This is a man that served divorce papers to his wife, in the hospital, while she was dying of cancer. Shoot the bast--d, don't elect him President. Anyone who is that cold hearted will clearly put his own self-interest before ANYTHING else. There is NO EXCUSE for what he did!!!! Evangelicals support this man.....if Gingrich meets Christ in Heaven...count on it....warp speed transfer to Hell. I seem shrill because I am deeply troubled as to why the Middle Class keeps electing Republicans to office

I completely agree with everything you've said. Newt tried to get one of his marriages annulled after producing two children? who does that? He didn't want to pay child support. How anyone could think this man has any principals at all is beyond me. He pushed harder than anyone in D.C. to have Clinton impeached meanwhile in the backseat of his lovers car he was getting his head stroked while his wife sat wondering where the hell he was. Newt is the worst possible choice for any office let alone a presidental post

Ok it's time to tell the truth. The republican party are the party of ego!!! They are for one thing collectively and that is their own self angrandizing, self centerd and self loving selves. They have given up all compassion in a bargin with the devil (newt, rush, savage, hannity, O'reilly, trump etc)that allows them to give generously to them selves (Intellectually), while they pooh pooh any and all other peoples who don't look like them (White) don't think like them (ignorent) or live like them (in glass houses) and why the media and the social scean don't want to say any of this has me courious as to how far our country has dipped into the well of of forgetfullness. look to the past and you will see where the people live.


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