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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

President's SOU address

In case you missed it, a brief outlines of Obama's State of the Union speech. Found nothing I won't support, especially the financial crimes unit, except sop to the fossil energy industry, e.g. offshore drilling and LNG. Rethuglicans will continue to fantasize that free markets can do what the Pres. outlined when it never has (as Pres illustrated with his analogy to the post WW2 generation US economy) and call the Pres and anyone supporting him or who doesn't support the Rethuglicans a socialist. There was talk show banter post speech refuting that the Pres is a centrist (he is) and framing him as a socialist.

Iraq troops home, were dedicated as an effective team. Gov’t must act the same

Common values: job, home, educate kids, retire require play by one set of rules-Am. Way

-the way WW 2 generation did it. Paid fair share, worked fair share-to save Middle Class.


-Bush lost 5 mil

-Stimulus recovered 4 mil

-2011 added 2 mil with more coming from trade deals with Columbia & Korea

-Pass the payroll tax and UI extension

Key to jobs-led by mfg. and -enabled by tax reform

-tax breaks for making jobs in US

-min. tax rate for corporations


-repeal doubling of Ed loan interest rates

-Fed help to colleges that control tuition

-set up partnerships between colleges and companies on tech skills, e.g. Piedmont CC & Co.X

Financial Reform-never another meltdown cause no more bailouts

-enforce Volker rule

-financial crime squad under AG

-Consumer Protection Bureau-no more razzle dazzle loans and credit cards

Housing-mortgage reworks

Energy: more fossil and LNG, but more renewable


-Fed investment in innovation: NASA, energy critical

-Stronger US led coalition: sanction Iran to the table. Stand with M.E. democracies

Strong, but trimmed down military

Fed gov’t must work like the Bin Laden hit team, not for ideology goal, but for better USA goal


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