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Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Liberal Media

From the AP:

There's still no progress on the central issue of finding budget cuts to finance a cut in Social Security payroll taxes. At the hearing earlier this week, Democrats came out against GOP plans to freeze federal workers' pay and require higher income seniors to pay higher Medicare premiums.

But Democrats have yet to come forward, publicly or privately, with an alternative roster of deficit cutting proposals to raise $160 billion or so in savings to pay for extending the payroll tax cut and jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed, as well as preventing a 27 percent cut in Medicare payments to doctors required under an outdated funding formula. [Emphasis added]

There have been not just one but several Democratic proposals to pay for the extension of the payroll tax holiday, not the least of which was the surtax on the upper income taxpayers. This is simply an outright lie, obviously written by a lazy slob of a reporter who simply copied a Republican press release without even attempting to fact check it. It's hard to see how this country can succeed with this level of irresponsibility in the fourth estate


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Media ably caught again dealing in half truths. Of a similar ilk, Rove claimed that the Eastwood ad for Chrysler was an example of big corporations giving payback to the Administration for the auto bailout. Rove ought to know since Shrub signed the bailout. But, Rove claimed that Chrysler stiffed the gov't for about $6 bil. when it was actually $1.6 bil.,but that does not include major offsets like saving half million jobs and more. As you should pardon the expression Reagan once said: "Some people look up the facts, some people make up the facts." We know the media is progressively joining the latter.

12:27 AM  

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