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Monday, July 30, 2007

Another win in the GWOT

McClatchy News tells us that the passport snafu has forced the State Department to reassign people who would otherwise be helping to solve problems in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan and the Sudan to passport duty.

Between 375 and 400 employees, mostly junior officers, have been reassigned to passport duty.

They include the entire class of 130 Presidential Management Fellows, high-caliber recruits with graduate degrees who are virtually guaranteed diplomatic careers at the end of their stints; 70 people in another career-entry program; and 170 junior and mid-level foreign service officers.

But those entry-level employees are the ones frequently assigned to staff crisis task forces that address Sudan, Pakistan and other key issues. The presidential fellows, who have little recourse to protest, have been told they'll be working six-day weeks.

Another win in the Global War on Terror (for Osama).


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