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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Carrying water

The headline on this AP wire story reads:

Iraqi army detains 46 near Iran border

Which seems to imply that the Iranians were somehow complicit in this. But, as you read the story, nowhere in it is there any suggestion of Iranian involvement whatsoever. Yes, it's just possible that the headline was simply intended to indicate the location of the event, but I doubt it. After all, whoever wrote the headline had to get pretty far into the text of the article to find out that the area was near Iran. The first paragraph gives no hint of it unless you happen to know where Diyala province is located:

BAGHDAD - Iraqi troops have detained 46 suspected militants and killed five others in a new operation in eastern Diyala, the army said Saturday, while a U.S. soldier was reported killed in an explosion in the volatile province.

What I can't figure out though is why the press is carrying Bush's water on this Iranian involvement thing. I doubt this headline was written by the military, and, as I said, the location near Iran doesn't appear until deep in the article. What's in it for them, one way or the other?


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