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Friday, July 13, 2007

Nostalgic, But Wiser Counsel

Conclusions of Kissinger, Breizinski, and Scowcroft, 6/17/07 on Charlie Rose Show


Have to get Middle East powers involved especially Syria and Iran, (per Hamilton Report) and effect a cease fire among religious factions.


Not make giving up nuclear fission a price of negotiation. Start with high level Iranian officials to broker a resolution in Iraq.


US can’t advocate democracy then when Hamas wins, boycott them. You have a 90% solution on the problem agreed on in principle, i.e. 1967 borders, half of Jerusalem to Palestine, right of Israel to exist, and return of Palestinians in Israel to their homeland, but not a political parties' consensus on implementing it.


Must stick with the west, else alone to contend with China. U.S. should slow down the E Europe weapons placement that is not necessary to push now. U.S. should have included Russia in plan to implement, not do unilaterally with E. Europe.


U.S. needs a treaty of cooperation to diffuse probable rise of nationalism (as a function of rising economic power) in China. But, this is longer run. China moves cautiously, not precipitously. China has benefited greatly economically from the capitalistic system and needs to cooperate as well as export to feed their energy needs.

Overall Foreign Policy

U.S. should be the solver of the world’s problems: social injustice and global economic problems. Next President should call on the American people to trade off hedonistic life style and sacrifice for a better world. New President has to articulate world’s problems and ask other countries for solutions, not to pretend to have all the answers.

Any resemblance of these positions to the current Administration is purely coincidental.


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