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Saturday, November 08, 2008


In the euphoria of emerging from eight years of darkness with the Obama victory, Americans must not forget being led (like sheep) by Republicans to the brink of losing America’s democracy and its prosperity. America must commit to preventing the Republicans from positions of power that would enable taking this nation again to the brink. America must never again let them:

-Usurp the provisions of the Constitution (habeas corpus, FISA) and the Geneva Convention
-Parlay a web of deceptions and lies into implementation of a futile and illegal war that killed 4100, maimed thousands of Americans and over 100,000 Iraqis
-Plunder the U.S. Treasury (evaporating a multibillion dollar surplus courtesy of Pres. Clinton) to the tune of $1 trillion to pay for that war
-Preside over the worst job growth recovery in history and a 605 thousand job loss in 2008 alone
-Stifle the progress toward clean energy and coming to grips with global warming accompanied by all time record oil company profits
-Stack the Supreme Court with rightwing ideologues intent on reversing hard fought gains of a century
-Horns waggle a financially unsophisticated public into debt trap financial instruments unfettered by regulation which served to line the pockets of Republican cronies
-Stack the FCC with facilitators of media power consolidation that skews the decision support of the public to Republican purposes, threatens the freedom of the internet, and renders a shambles the 4th Estate whose disfunctionality was contained largely by the blogosphere
-Infiltrate government with fanatical religious intolerants who seek to use government to put all of us under the yoke of their doctrines

To prevent a future trip to the brink from which the nation may not successfully recoil, Republicans must be stripped of power down to the last committee in Congress and held accountable for their nefarious deeds via the harshest penalties allowed by law. They are a party that truly attempted to destroy the nation.


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