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Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome to the 2nd Great Depression

It is really hard to fathom how blisteringly stupid Republicans can be. May they all rot in hell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just another blame game, for once take credit where it is due. Republicans are not to blame for every thing. I checked and you would be supprised to find out how many gready Democraps are CEO's of big companys. Take the money and run, them place the blame where you will not get cought.

The Dem party has always been corrept and always will be. It's the nature of there party and the platform they stand on. Slavery was done away with, but the Dems figured out a way to pay for the black, brown and other votes via giving them other peoples money. Plane and simple you purchase a vote not because it's the right thing to do, Dems do it just to have some form on control over the massies. Just another form of slavery.

Dems keep laws on the books just to control the massies. If you are black then you must need a special law to get treated equal insted of one law for everyone. The Dems are saying northing more by doing so than. You as a black man will never be equal or as good as us Dems. We Dems are the best chance you will ever have, you can never have self respect, no need to stay in school or try to do better. Just hold on to what our party gives you.

Yes I look foward to going to hell. You can't smack the Devel or a Dem without going to hell. Thats where my god will send me, it's not where your god can command me to go. It's going to be fun down in hell with you all there to keep me company.

I will state now, that most of you will show more concern about my spelling than my thoughts or what I really mean. Go ahead twist and turn the meaning anyway you desire. After all why should anyone ask me what I mean when you can tell them better than I.

4:35 PM  
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