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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Harry Reid “light-skinned Negro” nonsense

Will someone ever step forward and counter-attack on these right-wing tempests? How about saying on national television that Republicans who keep trying to make a Federal case out of it – and the mainstream media enablers whose careers seem devoted to channeling the latest Fox New obsession – are colossal phonies who do not have the least concern with Harry Reid's words. Comparing Reid's old-fashioned but purely descriptive language (and completely accurate political observation) with Trent Lott's express endorsement of racial segregation is ridiculous.

Will liberals ever learn how to counter-attack on anything whatsoever? Liberals seem stuck in the enforced mentality of fraternity Hell Week: “Thank you, sir, hit me again.” Maybe a better chant is, “I'm sorry for making you hit me. I didn't mean it, honest.” Can a liberal ever go beyond defense against right-wing “unfairness” and hit back with greater force? Is anyone with a platform willing to shame the Big Media for carrying water for Republican agenda, or are they too afraid of losing their platform? Our side desperately needs to learn the principles of judo -- turn the enemies strength against itself – and how to work the refs.

Does the Democratic National Committee have a crack cadre of aggressive communications specialists -- a boiler room of James Carvilles -- who are ready on a moments notice to brainstorm and formulate effective responses to these weekly outbursts? It seems not. If so, why not?


Blogger marketingace said...

This blog has pounded on the Democratic Party deficiencies so well expressed here since 2003, the most notable application being failure to counter the "Swiftboat Liers" during the 2004 Kerry campaign.

11:48 PM  

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