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Friday, May 27, 2011

Healthcare Reform Not Dead in California

The single payer Bill has been signed in CA. What happened to the Tea Baggers?

We need single payer systems like in CA and with Medicare and not privatized Ryan's plan that ends Medicare and replaces it with for-profit health insurers that soak up 20-30% of premiums for administrative costs for multimillion CEO salaries, shareholder profits and denial of coverage. Medicare operates on 4% administarive costs with the head of Medicare earning just over $170,000.

California Department of Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is advocating on behalf of consumers to stop exorbitant healthcare insurance premium hikes, including efforts with the legislature through Calif. AB 52, and his unique perspective on the passage and signing by Gov. Brown of SB810 Single Payer for California.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Jim McDermott introduced of the American Health Security Act, S915/HR1200, Both bills envision a national health plan under a single-payer, social insurance model that would be administered by the states. National Nurses United/California Nurses Association worked with their allies in both the Labor Caucus for Single Payer and the Labor Campaign for Single Payer to secure the support of the 13-million member national AFL-CIO for these bills.


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