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Monday, December 12, 2011


Income inequality is a myth

From the DC underground

Have you noticed that if the Senate or the House are not in session CSPAN is usually running a lecture by some whore at the Heritage Foundation or the American Enterprise Institute. This from the famous "liberal media." Last night I stumbled on one of these con job lectures. The whore of the week was a guy named James Pethokoukis who was presenting his argument that income inequality in America is a myth, and all those dozen books I have read over the last 7 or 8 years on the subject and all those articles by hundreds of respected economists were lies and part of a vast conspiracy. The website listed here discusses Pethokoukis work.

It is the only objective of the Heritage Foundation, Amercian Enterprise Institute, Americans for Progress and all the other so called "think tanks" funded and run by the same cadre of oligarchs to generate reports that are peer reviewed by the Wall Street Journal and argue the black is actually white, night is actually day, and all government regulation is bad. The technique of spreading false contradictory data to confuse the masses was developed by the tobacco lobby to keep Americans smoking cigarettes 30 years after science knew it was killing us. The Heritage Foundations was formed to get such contradicting reports out fast. The conduits for misinformation at the time were too slow and legislation banning CHC got through without the usual crap. If you want to read a good history of the technique read "Merchants of Doubt."

My Comment: AKA the 5P Syndrome (the preposterous proposition of perversion perpetrating politicos)


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