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Friday, April 20, 2007

George, you’re not in Texas anymore

Republicans think they have a good one to beat around: Harry Reid says the war is “lost,” so obviously Democrats are calling Americans and the American soldiers a bunch of losers. Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah.

Let’s phrase it more accurately. It’s George Bush’s War that’s been lost because his objective was a pure fantasy. Bush and Cheney thought a Western, predominantly Christian nation led by people mostly of Northern European descent halfway across the globe could invade and occupy an Islamic Arab country without it being called an occupation by grateful Iraqis. That after driving out the Wicked Witch of the East, jubilant “ding-dong”-singing Iraqi Munchkins would show their gratitude by inviting, to the cheers of the liberated Iraqi people – all of them, Kurds, Shias and Sunnis -- to keep our troops there forever, or at least for as long as we wanted.

From whatever snippets of historical knowledge that occupy their imaginations, Bush and Cheney thought that a government we would set up for them would be considered a genuine Iraqi government, not an American puppet government. Now Bush and Cheney think the American military can make them all just get along. Bush's new friend, John McCain, thinks he can go over there and tell them to cut out the crap – and they will all start to just get along. And then when they are all just getting along, they will invite us to stay in the Emerald City (the enormous embassy we have built), and in the huge bases we have built around the country. Hey, no problem, how can we help? We are proud to be your flunkies.

That’s George Bush’s War. Let’s see a show of hands: who believes the American military can make them all just get along? Who thinks John McCain can go over there, tell them to cut out the crap, and make them all start getting along?

So there you have it: either we click the heels of our ruby slippers three times and believe we can achieve this fantasy, or we have “lost.” Some choice you leave us, George and Dick


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