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Monday, April 02, 2007

It's that culture of corruption

Blue Jersey has been examining the public corruption cases filed in New Jersey by our local Bush appointed US Attorney, Chris Christie. Here are their results so far:

We found a total of 151 investigations, 114 of Democrats, 32 of Republicans and five for which we couldn't ID a party.

We only counted a person or an office once, even if they were investigated multiple times. For instance, Bob Menendez popped up in both the UMDNJ investigation and the NHCAC, but we only counted him once.

The result is that 75 percent of the people investigated are Democrats, and 21 percent are Republicans.

It must be that deeply ingrained culture of Democratic corruption. They simply can't keep their hands out of the till. How else can you possibly explain a 3-to-1 ratio?


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