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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Whatever it is, it's always the Dems' fault

Ah yes, it's the Democrats' fault that we're not getting out of Iraq. That at least is the new meme of the Washington Post. But for Harry Reid's pulling the defense authorization bill off the floor the Lugar/Warner amendment that would have advised Bush to start to think about a pullback sometime sooner or later (in other words, done nothing) might have passed the Senate. Therefore, it's Reid's and the Dems' fault we're not pulling out.

Now, of course, it's also Reid and the Dems' fault that we're losing the war, because the mere mention of pulling out demoralizes the troops and empowers the enemy.

Whatever it is, it's always the Dems' fault. I guess Katrina was the Dems' fault too. Can't think why, but it must have been since everything is the Dems' fault.


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